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I.D. Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 9:00 – 4:00
Closed for lunch 12:00 – 12:30
Your Order Id Now Saturday & Sunday 10:00 – 3:00 November – May 

*Saturday & Sunday CLOSED beginning June 1st.* 


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To assure that Kings Point residents have exclusive access to all recreation facilities, a Kings Point ID is necessary for admittance. You will be required to show your ID card for entrance to the clubhouses, purchasing guests passes and show tickets, signing up for classes, for use of the Kings Point buses, pools and golf courses. Guests must also have an appropriate Guest ID card, Guest pass or be accompanied by a resident who is in possession of a Single Resident ID card.

GUEST ID CARDS Residents must accompany their guests to the ID Office. The guest must be prepared to present photo identification showing an address of at least 50 miles away from Kings Point. Guests under the age of 18 will not be issued Guest ID cards as no children are permitted in the clubhouses. Proof of age may also be requested before issuance of a Guest ID card.

RESIDENT ID CARDS To issue Resident ID cards to a new owner(s), the ID Office must receive the following:

  • A copy of the “Certificate of Approval” from the association’s management company approved by an association officer and sealed with the condominium association’s seal.
  • Your Order Id Now The previous owner’s Resident ID card(s).
  • If the previous owner’s ID card(s) cannot be located, a fee must be paid before issuing new ID cards.
  • Your Order Id Now The first I.D. card purchased for a resident/lessee must be issued to an individual fifty five years of age or older.
  • Maximum of two (2) Resident ID cards will be issued per unit.

LESSEE ID CARD To issue Lessee ID cards to a new lessee(s), the ID Office must receive the following:

  • A rental application from the association’s management company approved by an association officer and sealed with the condominium association’s seal and a copy of the lease agreement.
  • The names of all lessees must appear on the lease agreement and the rental application.
  • All other ID cards issued for the unit must be turned in to the ID office before the Lessee ID card(s) can be issued.
  • The unit owner’s Resident ID card(s) will not be issued until the expiration of the current lease. No Exceptions.
  • Because Lessee ID cards have an expiration date printed on them, a lease extension is treated the same as a new lease, therefore, all of the above steps must be followed.
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Your Order Id Now BARCODES: The entrance gates at Normandy and at Sims Road are Resident Only gates. A bar code is needed to enter the community though these gates. They are both available at the ID Office. In order to purchase a Bar Code, a Resident must bring to the ID Office their:

  • Kings Point ID
  • Car registration

The car must be on site in order for one of our staff members to affix the barcode to the vehicle.

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